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About our company

The sophisticated ChemicalAnalysis testing lab operates as an extension of yours - minus the headaches and overheads – offering a prompt, cost-effective and seamless service.

Specialising in the chemistry and the of petroleum and petroleum byproducts;

  • Hydrocarbon fuels, additives, crude oil, distillates
  • Low level sulfur analysis
  • Ethanol content
  • Composition of unknowns
  • Identification and levels of components in formulations
  • Trace levels of contaminants in waste streams and soils
  • Contaminant analysis in plant batches, blended or formulated products
  • Method development
  • Flash points, viscosities, moisture
  • Analysis of corrosion products in tanks


Please contact us for more information or if the analysis you require is not listed.

Chemical Analysis is Australia's most advanced analytical laboratory outsourcing service, offering leading edge technology and intelligence when you need it.